It’s time for Africa:Explore the Opportunities

Africa is one of the growing and transformative market in the global map, compared to the past it has more than 400 companies worth $1 Billion value, contributed by its fast-growing population, after Asia. With the technological revolution and rapid economic growth, the continent is highly evolving, especially countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Firstly, Kenya is the most advanced economy of East and Central Africa, contributing 50% of the region’s GDP and is a “go-to” location for many international organizations like Standard Chartered, Coca-Cola, Google etc, to place their regional headquarter. Further, Kenya is regarded as a strategic location as regional financial, communication, and transport hub. And, due to the favorable business environment and a strong economy of the country, many national and international companies are able to sustain efficiently at Kenya, with low operational costs and high-profit margin.

Secondly, Zimbabwe is a developing country with its equal share of rough past, however, after 2008’s recession, the country has slowly and steadily grown with lots of potential and opportunities. For instance, Zimbabwe is one of the countries in the world with 60 tradable, important minerals like gold, diamond, platinum, coal, and nickel, which is also, one of the key factors to attract many investors. Other than that, the country has developed liberal policies for foreign direct investment and local investment, under the “Zimbabwe Investment Authority Act” (ZIA), which creates quicker and easier facilitation for investment.

Thirdly, Nigeria is known to be the “economic powerhouse” of West Africa, with a skilled and flexible labor market. The country has the employees’ range that is distinguished as a highly educated, efficient, committed, and self-critical workforce. The in-house capability of the country to innovate holds the key feature that needs to explored, in order to gain the potential that the country has, by going beyond its dependency on the exploitation of oil, which is the prime commodity of Nigeria.

Likewise, South Africa is the most diversified economy in Africa, making it a favorable place in the global market. The progressive and independent judiciary and policies of the nation have created a chain of successful and advanced financial opportunities with world-class infrastructure and logistics. And, per the World Bank’s 2020 Doing Business report,  the country lies at 84th position out of 190 global economies. The country seizes a good opportunity with its active and appropriate size of the stock exchange, and its involvement in the tourism, retail, and mining sectors.

Overall, Africa holds the capability to fertilize the investment made on it, and the countries mentioned above are some of the example to highlight the expertise and the opportunities that the continent has. Nonetheless, as the continent is developing and flourishing its presence on a global platform, it will be a worthy investment for those investors who can take risk and wants massive return, exhibiting high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake under venture development investment.

Moreover, including the countries discussed above, all most all the African nations are very rich at its resources, yet, they are not fully exploited at its best. Similarly, they also have unexplored areas and unfulfilled consumer demands for goods and services like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, financial services, communication, health care, and education, which indicates the opportunities that the investors can take advantage of, for themselves and for the growth and development of African nations.

Furthermore, according to the World Bank’s 2019 report, 5 out of 10 most improved countries to do business, are listed to be African nations, which has been led by the contribution of appealing business opportunities, along with the consumer spending, that is expected to reach $6.66 Trillion by 2030, up from $4 Trillion in 2015.

All in all, African nations are expected to be the fastest-growing economies, in a global manner. For instance, from the aspect of industrialization, it is assumed to double the average production to nearly $1 Trillion within a decade, substituting imports and flourishing local needs, and many economists predict that it can be a global hub as a world’s next great manufacturing center, shifting the global dependency from China.

Other major investments that have huge potential are, infrastructure and development which worth more than $80 Billion market, innovation in agriculture and natural resource management, and like any other countries, African nations also hold big potential in digital media and mobile communication.

Lastly, Africa is mapping huge opportunities for everyone- the investment made on African countries, will not just bring huge profit margin to the investor but also contributes to the growth and development of the people living in this continent. It ensures, sustainability, with high growth rates, stability, and socioeconomic welfare, in Africa. Therefore, for the entrepreneurs, Africa provides a great opportunity to explore and invest in, something that also carries deeper purpose, contributing to helping the people of this part of the world, live better and bigger, same like any of us- living to make it good and big.  

Thus, It’s time for Africa. Explore opportunities with KAii initiative Group to learn further about the possibilities and  investment opportunities in Africa or to make an investment or start your own ventures abroad, contact us  at or; we will be more than happy to entertain your opinion, ideas, and enthusiasm- “Together for a better world”!


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