Joaquin Martin , Director of Management and Advisory Board of KAii Group focus in fund raising for projects that allow to generate benefits in a sustainable way

Joaquin Martin Mariscal , Financial Expert and Entrepreneur who did his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration, specializing in Business Financing, from the Autonomous University of Madrid. (1980-1985.)

He is member of AECA .  He is holding Certificate of membership  since 25 years. (Title E.C.A Accredited Accounting Expert).

He join hands together with KAii Group as Director of Management and Advisory Board. He believe together we can create a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and Positivism. 

Here we share his thoughts and views with you all. 

What is something people in your industry/niche have to deal with that you want to fix?

I think that most of the people who work in the financial industry either they seek financing either they offer it on behalf of third parties. The problem is that those people who need financing they are not in good financial condition, so that the “normal” financing doesn’t approve their operations. However, those who are financially “solid” have no problem getting more financing .It doesn’t make much sense!

What service you offer?

Our services are financial advice as External Financial Director (Taxes, Accounting, Management Control, … etc), as well as to search for bank financing, public and private, business restructuring and collaterally buying and selling business and real estate assets.

What’s your background? 

28 years of experience working in the Financial Area of Large Companies and from 2013 with my own company. Now I begin with KAii Group as well.

What are your credentials/experience, for leading in your sector today?

The experience mentioned in the previous point is very important although I have two great handicaps. First of all, my age with more than 55 years in Spain it is almost impossible to work for a Large Company. Secondly, the knowledge of languages. I would need to have a higher level of English and to improve my French which I studied at school many years ago.

What is your motivation to join KAi initiative Group?

My motivation is to create projects that generate employment and local wealth, that improve people’s conditions. Projects that allow to generate benefits in a sustainable way without damaging the environment and so with these funds other projects can be created. KAii Group is working for it. So this motivates me to join.

What do you like about KAii Group?

I like the personality of the founders, the spirit of doing good to others and improving people’s lives.

How can you contribute to create a better world?

I believe that I can contribute by helping projects to be financed, to generate resources that in its turn they allow to create new projects and to extend the “social” benefit to as many people as possible.

What are your four main priorities in life? 

Caring for and helping my family and all the people with whom I am relate . I believe memories and good actions are what finally remain. Money, wealth and possessions disappear with time.

Share your values, purpose and vision in life

My values are Honesty, Transparency, Empathy, Constancy and Patience .  Life is a path that no one knows how to travel. I believe that one should try to do what they can in the best possible way, helping those in need, not for charity but for “Equity”.  We are all equal no matter how we are, where we live or where we  have been born.

What motivates you to follow your values, purpose and what you suggest to entrepreneurs?

I cannot convince everyone to follow my guidelines and values in life. Each one has totally different experiences and relationships behind, but although I cannot convince them I think is good to share what are my values and my behavior guidelines. Usually when I share with people that for me money is not a “finality but a means” thy are surprised because they assume that everyone lives and dream to have more money. But this is not my case, for me money is a means to achieve my dreams and do good for society.

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts, Books, movies and your idol

My three favorite books are: Moby Dick, National Episodes by Galdos and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Marquez.

My three favorites films are: Yentl by Barbara Streisand, “Salvar al soldado Ryan” and “Los Santos Inocentes”.

I don’t have any idol. I believe that great human beings have existed and will exist with their feats and their defects, like for example Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Miguel Angel, Velazquez, Fleming, etc.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

To read books, (maybe someday I will write one), to watch football and some other sports, and to enjoy nature . And of course, to be with my family and friends.

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