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The Visionary Initiative

The Visionary

We are vision building company of KAii Group. We work for better future.

Better World Goals 2040

We work to achieve Better World Goals 2040. We initiate & operate different campaigns, initiatives, programs.

Innovation & solutions for a better world

We aim to bring the innovation to underdeveloped and developing countries. We firmly believe that innovation is the solution for the problems we face and it opens doors to economic growth and social well-being.

Work opportunities & prosperity for all

We aim all people have a decent work. We believe that work is an essential means to escape of Poverty and eradicate the hunger. And only by developing the skills people can get a better job and break the circle of poverty.


Ethical products and responsible consumers

We aim producers prioritize fair, ethical and ecological trade over the growth at any price. At the same time, we aim consumers are responsible and bet on products that preserve the environment, social equality and the well-being of workers.

Quality food and clean water for all

We aim that no one dies due to food. In underdeveloped and developing countries for not having access to it; In developed countries for the poor quality of fast and packed food.Furthermore, we aim everyone to have access to clean and drinkable water.

Quality health and wellness access for all

We aim all people have access to a quality and comprehensive health. We promote the application of innovation and technology in the health field. Moreover, we are committed to wellness promoting meditation, yoga and healthy lifestyle.

Unlimited access to education and skills

We aim to make education and skill development programs accessible and without limits for everyone. We believe that education is a very powerful tool to achieve a sustainable
socioeconomic development and improve people’s lives.

Equal access to digital world

Our aim is all people have access to the digital world and new technologies. In the modern world, in order to achieve real equality, it is a necessary internet and technologies are available to everyone.

Gender equality

Our aim is women and men have full equality of rights, opportunities and access to high positions. Moreover, we aim to eradicate gender violence in all its forms and achieve a fair and equal society.

Peaceful and inclusive societies

We aim to achieve an inclusive society where people with disabilities and marginal groups are not excluded and have the same rights and opportunities as the rest. We believe that only through inclusion, dialogue and empathy we can guarantee the peace among peoples.

Care and connection with the Universe

Our aim is to care and safe the Universe. We aim people have a greater awareness, knowledge and connection with the Universe through spirituality. We believe only in this way people will be aware that we are all part of the Universe so it is our duty to preserve it.

Action for green planet and ecosystem

Our aim is to care and safe the Earth, preserving the biodiversity and protecting all terrestrial and underwater ecosystems. We are committed to non-polluting energies and eco-smart city models. We fight to stop climate change.

Solidarity with love and positivity for all

Our aim is to promote solidarity communities, where there is mutual aid among citizens. Our motto is love all serve all. We bet on solidarity without paternalism, exercised from love, empathy and positivity.

Movement for people and planet

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