KAi initiatives (KAii)

KAi initiatives (KAii) is center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. We work together with Impactful thoughts, Ideas, Innovation, Projects & Enterprises.

Our Mission is social & economic improvements through Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Our Vision is  Together we can contribute a world to make a better place to live with Peace, Prosperity & Positivism.

Our Goal of 2020 is to have 20 successful enterprises & innovation which can lead us towards our mission & vision.

Our Believes:

  1. Together We Can
  2. Together We Grow
  3. First Priority impact, second Profit-Making
  4. What we get, we share
  5. Positivity for Well
  6. Every moment may last moment towards our Destination
  7. Innovation & Entrepreneurship doesn’t have boundary
  8. Everyone has own unique role
  9. The world is Home, Nature as God & Social Service as Religion