We initiate the movement for People and Planet

We initiate the movement for People and Planet

Sustainability, impact, innovation, purpose driven, unity, education based, local approach and inclusion are the core values of our movement. Join our movement being a responsible human for sustainable planet. We welcome you to the Better World Community.

Welcome to KAii Group® - Pioneering Innovations,Nurturing Ventures,Empowering Enterprises,Enriching People & Planet

We create a better world through

Venture Development
Venture Development

Venture development is essential for Governments, Projects, Startups and Companies to achieve their goals. That’s why we support you through consulting, mentoring, projects’ design and development, management, fundraising, marketing, technology, deal making and much more.


We believe entrepreneurship have a great power to make a positive change in the world. For that we develop and operate our own enterprises to achieve sustainable socio-economic development and to create solutions for the people and the planet. Moreover, we empower entrepreneurs to succeed.


Innovation is the pillar of everything we do. We are focused on research and creative thinking to introduce novelties, whether in the form of new platforms, devices, methods and tools, or to modify existing elements and systems in order to improve them. We promote innovators and researchers.

Sustainable development
Sustainable development

Sustainable development is our main priority. We promote an economic growth in balance with the environment's care and the social wellness. We have created the Better World Goals as well as we are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better world.

KAii Group

KAi initiative Group is an ecosystem for a better world. KAii Group is an unlimited world of opportunities, resources, knowledge and technology at the service of people and planet. It is made up of different initiatives, companies, institutions, organizations and charities to promote the sustainable socioeconomic development and create a positive impact, both locally and global.




Platforms & Services


Project & Ventures



KAii GROUP is a home for

KAii Group® is Charity Trust and holding Group.  The purpose of movement is to contribute in sustainable socio-economic development as well as to serve people and planet. 

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                                   KAii Group Consulting and Advisory  providing Venture Development and consulting services to impactful thoughts, ideas, innovation, projects, companies, institutions, government and non government organizations.

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                                   KAii Era is the center for research and innovation. We understand innovation as a solution for Ventures, people and planet, so we put all our efforts to promote it. Through innovation, we aim to develop new platforms, devises, tools and methodologies which create a better world. 

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                                       KAii Holdings is the umbrella of all holding companies of KAii Group. We work with Venture Capital, Private Equity, investment and funding. Our purpose is to contribute to create better world. through impact investment and responsible funding 

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Do you have any more idea on how to create a better world?

Do you have any service, platform or tool for a better world?


"Together for better world" is the movement for People and Planet. Our core values are sustainability, impact, innovation, purpose, unity and inclusion.


We offer different platforms for specific target groups. We want to facilitate your processes in all the areas of your personal and professional life. Exponential technologies for the good are one of our priorities.

KAii Now

We create, collect and share ethic information, inspiring stories and growth opportunities through different platforms. Be update with our news, media and events. Information is power, and we want to make the correct information accessible to everyone.


We're building the Better World Community to create positive impact from local to global. All our stakeholders are already part of it. You also can join. Learn, earn, share and contribute for better world.

KAii Infinity

We dream without limits in order to create a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivity. We believe if we can dream we can create it, and we want to share our Better World Goals 2040 with you.

Unlimited Education

We believe education, skills and knowledge give you unlimited opportunities. Unlimited Education is an educational institution and Ed-Tech platform to promote academic and alternative courses