Sustainable investment: Benefits, challenge and outcomes

KAi initiative with its 2018 initiation, has started a movement, “Together for better world” to stand for a change that supports human rights, equality of opportunities, sustainable socio-economic development and many more, with an aim, to reduce the gap between the developed and the underdeveloped countries, care of environment around the globe. So, the fundamental objective of each project that KAii Group initiates is always, positioned to be a sustainable investment, which surrounds to add value to the normal investment beyond just a financial return, rather to create a measurable positive impact on both social and environmental aspects.

Such investment, allows the investor to build a portfolio that highlights the concern and the role to tackle the urgent global issues that are creating hindrance to the society; as sustainable investment is more based on values and the personal priorities of an individual, it enables the investor to contribute to the society and mark an ethical investment for the goodwill of the society.

KAii has a vision to build a better future with innovative and sustainable solutions to the current global problems, and targets to empower the developing and underdeveloped nations, by encouraging and generating entrepreneurs in those rural areas. Therefore, with this vision of growth and development, KAii has launched a project, “KAii Eco Project Phase 1” where it initiates venture development program on clean and green, renewable energy. This project focuses to develop an eco-friendly, digital city in Nepal, a developing nation located in the south-east Asia with almost 30 Million population, living in the area of 147,516 sq. km.

The project targets to produce 1200MW electricity and develop two eco-friendly, digital cities simultaneously, under two phases. And so, “KAii Eco Project Phase 1” is the first to begin with, where KAii estimates the total investment of €1.2 Billion, with an estimated ROE of €2.6 Billion. Globally, sustainable investment is regarded as a “value-based investment” option which has grown more than 100 percent annually since 2012 and accounts 15% to 18% of the AUM in the wealth and asset management industry. Therefore, investing on a viable sustainable project allows the investor to drive towards sustainable development, by incorporating ESG process into investment decisions and gain greater returns to the same time.

However, as the value of the sustainable investment is high, it largely fits the companies or investors that focuses exclusively on large-cap stocks, which again indicates the limited prospect of diversification of their portfolio. Thereby, sustainable investment is not only a long-term investment, so the general concept denotes, it cannot be an ultimate investment made by those who prefers short term returns. But KAii Group  offers you secure and short term benefit also in Sustainable investment.

Moreover, sustainable investment is highly a subjective matter, it is important to analyze “for what and why are you investing” and it requires lots of research and a deeper level of engagement, to make sure that the cause of your ESG is matched and meet throughout the process. Therefore, professional help is important to make a decision while investing in such a project. Yet, investing in developing and underdeveloped nations are risky, but still, has the capability to bring higher returns due to the larger unexplored opportunities present in those nations compared to developed ones.

The investment in developing and underdeveloped nation allows those countries to grow and, helps them to empower and be self-efficient, with job opportunities and economic progression, along with environmental protection. Other than that, for the investors, it does not just enable them to make a profit but also create an impact with FDI, by strengthening their position in an international market, increasing goodwill, creating a valuable and organic portfolio and at same time having secure and high ROI.  

Lastly, “KAii Eco Project Phase 1” is also a sustainable investment, launched with an aim to create opportunities and prosperity for both the investor and for the people of Nepal. The project on eco-friendly, the digital city does not only targets to protect the natural resources and the beauty of Nepal, but also aims to provide digital access to the people of Nepal, bringing the two world of developed and developing nation together, with the help of the internet and technology- truly a digital city that will be developed by the investors of today who carries an impactful thoughts and ideas for tomorrow.

Do contact us at or if you want to learn more about “KAii Eco Project Phase 1” or about any of our future projects- we will be more than happy to entertain you with further information and build a connection with you- “Together for a better world”!

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