Today, I am going to share one interesting story of one space between letters, Are you thinking what? This story is about Imperfect. I asked one of my client, why don’t you make your business autopilot by using some system and technology? He said I am not perfect.

While traveling various places to some people I tell them, hey your idea is scale-able you can start now, most of them replied me, I am not ready, I am not perfect, still thinking, I am trying to make it perfect. Here everyone has sickness of perfection.

This is part of our society where we grow. From childhood, So many of us, we didn’t carryout our talents to be perfect. We try to make drawing perfect, writes poem perfect, play sports perfect and not doing anything by believing I am not perfect. 

Tell yourself I m perfect. Keep on chasing your dream.

Can you imagine if Bill Gates thinks I am not perfect to start software company, then Today he is the one of the richest person of world? Do you think If Shakespeare thinks his all literature is not perfect, and he didn’t publish, Today we know him? Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Warren buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack ma, Barack Obama, Sachin Tendulkar, Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alice Walton, Oprah Winfrey, and there are thousands of names who make one space in imperfect, and They start to do it. By doing many times, everyone proved “I’m Perfect”. Do you think if they believe I m not perfect, What they do is possible? 

Start to execute what you know. Every single imperfection adds value to your success. Tell yourself I m perfect. Keep on chasing your dream.

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