Help for Hopeless in COVID-19

Si Asha Foundation is the social action of KAii Group. The purpose of Foundation is to create hope for people with disabilities, women and marginalized groups, through education, treatment, empowerment, and socio- labor inclusion, so they can live with dignity. 

From the Si Asha Foundation we initiate a movement called #HelpForHopless (in Nepali #AshabihinLaiSahara) to provide support to those people who are suffering due to COVID-19 in Nepal. Our action is based on the 3 core areas: the Disabled Emergency Support, Coverage of Basic Needs and Education.

1) Disabled Emergency Support: People with disabilities are more vulnerable than the others; both in terms of precarious jobs that doesn’t allow them to buy food during lock-down, and in terms of weak health that makes them be in risk of infection. That is why we have created a special fund to support the disabled people who are facing a situation of economic vulnerability. We support them by buying regular medicines, proving food and facilitating their transportation to hospital.  

2) Basic Needs Coverage: We are planing to support marginalized communities in a local level, ensuring that needy people have food for the coming months.

3) Education: Since more than 2 months we have created the Online Asha School, an online platform from where the 44 students of Asha School can continue their education during the lockdown period. Nowadays, we are starting to provide internet access and technology facilities to those students who need it. Moreover, we are planing to extend our educative platform for all the intellectual disabled children of Nepal who require it. 

Do you want to help us? Share and spread our Movement. Together we can help more hopeless people. 

#HelpForHopless #AshabihinLaiSahara

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