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Social Sector

Venture Development

KAii Group offers Venture Development services to social organizations to help them to build strategies and achieve their goals.

We have a long history in consulting social organizations for the growth of their reach. We assured you that our services will leads towards results you never imagine

We design and develop projects, campaigns, brands, detail project reports and annual reports. Our team guaranteed accuracy, excellence and smart delivery. 

We provide management services in all the areas you need: team, partners, projects, network and more.


Our team provide you innovation and research services to create new concepts, systems or devices and implement them for your beneficiaries.

We provide Technology and IT services for your social organization. We design, develop and created your outsource team to provide you the best technological results.

We design, launch or promote your brand. We created marketing strategies to ensure the massive reach of your organization.

We provide deal-making and lobbying services to close the deals with your partners as your wish and make your organization grow.

We provide Expansion and initiation services in all the location you need. Our Experts and partners will welcome you in their country to support you.

KAii Tech

Are you an NGO or a Foundation and do you need to make a web page to show the social work you do? Don't worry, KAii Tech is here as your technology partner. We develop websites, software, applications and digital systems. We support the social sectors by offering special discounts and installation payment facilities. We want you to stay focused on creating a more egalitarian world, while we take care of your technical part. Contact us and share your concept, we will make your project true.

Si Asha Foundation

Si Asha Foundation is the social action of KAii Group. The purpose of Foundation is to create hope for people with disabilities, women and marginalized groups, through education, treatment, empowerment, and socio- labor inclusion, so they can live with dignity.
Create hope

The collaboration of entities, organizations and foundations is essential to achieve the goals of Si Asha. So far, we have made agreements and alliances with different entities. This has enabled us to offer special education and physiotherapy treatment to disabled children in Nepal, as well as to empower women. However, there are still many needs, and the support of entities, organizations and foundations is vital to create hope for new beneficiaries.

Social Creation

We believe social entrepreneurship is essential to create a better world. For this reason, we dedicate our efforts to train social entrepreneurs to design and start their own projects at the service of the people and planet.

Post graduate course

Creation of social projects and NGO management´ is a postgraduate course organized by the University of Barcelona and our partner Familia de Hetauda NGO to guide the social entrepreneurs to start their social action. This course if for you if:

You want to start a social project and you don’t know how to start, you don’t find the necessary time or you don’t have enough resources.

You are a social entrepreneur and want to expand your knowledge in this area.

You want to learn about international cooperation and NGO management.

You aspire to create a positive impact in the world, either locally or globally.

You help other social entrepreneurs to develop their projects.

KAii Tours

If you want to do a corporate trip with your social organization team or if you want to visit our projects in Nepal, KAii Tour is here for you. We design custom tours in Nepal to meet the needs of your organization and to create an unforgettable experience for you and your team. Our trips are based on responsible and sustainable tourism, prioritizing safety above all.

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