For Freelancer & Consultant

Ventures Fund​

Ventures Fund connects the investors and financial consultants with impactful projects. If you are a financial consultant and your client want to invest, or if you are a project consultant and your client is looking for fund, Ventures Fund is for you.

Submit your project

Present your project and we will help you to find investments through our platform.

Find a project

Find great opportunities to invest with high and secure return of the investment.

Venture Development

Are you a consultant who offers venture development services for entrepreneurs? Do you want to be part of the international network of KAii Group and grow together? We are looking for experience consultants from all over the world who want to work with our tools and methodology.

Become a consultant of KAii Ventures

If you have knowledge in:

Consulting and mentoring

 Project design and development

Research and Innovation


Information and Technology

√  Fundraising and Finance

√  Marketing and Branding 

√ Negotiation and Deal Making

√ Accounting and Law


Ventures Lab​

Do you know how inspiring it can be for an early entrepreneur to receive your advice? Enthusiastic entrepreneurs from all over the world are waiting for a mentor like you.  If you are or you have been an entrepreneur, or if you have experience in your sector and you want to share your learnings and knowledge with others… We welcome you. We are looking for volunteer mentors to support entrepreneurs of your field through Platform.

Become a Mentor

What do you need to become a mentor?

Expertise and experience in your field

 Ability and willingness to communicate your knowledge

 Listening skills, objectivity and honesty

Willing to serve, compassion and authenticity

One online meeting with your entrepreneur once a week


KAii Tech

Are you a freelancer and you want to build one web site to promote your work in online? KAii Tech is here as your technology partner. We develop web sites, software, applications and digital systems. You focus on your clients, and we will look after your technical part. Contact us and share your concept, we will make your dream project true.