KAii Era

KAii Era is the center for research and innovation. We understand innovation as a solution for Ventures, people and planet, so we put all our efforts to promote it. Through innovation, we aim to develop new platforms, devises, tools and methodologies which create a better world. 

Become a KAii Era teammate

If you are an innovation expert or a researcher you have a lot to do at KAii Era. It is time to come together and bring our innovative ideas at the service of the people and planet. We are looking for innovators like you as a KAii Era teammate.

Ventures Fund

Ventures Fund connects the investors and financial consultants with innovative and impactful projects. If you have an innovative project and you are looking how to fund it, we want to support you.

Summit a Project

Present your project, and we will help you find investments through our platform.

Ventures Lab

Venture Lab is a Platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to convert their thoughts into impactful ventures. As an expert of innovation, we want to welcome you.

Become a mentor

Do you know how inspiring it can be for an early entrepreneur to receive your advice? Enthusiastic entrepreneurs from all over the world are waiting for a mentor like you.  If you are an innovation expert and you want to share your learnings and knowledge with others… We are looking for you. Become a volunteer mentor to support entrepreneurs of your field through our platform.

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