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For Government, Country​ and Communities For Government, Country​ and Communities

Venture Development

KAii Group offers a full package of Venture Development services for Governments. Through our services your project or department will implement new strategies to achieve your country goals and build a sustainable community.

We have a long history in consulting Governments for the implementation of their campaigns, programs and projects.  We assured you that our services will help you to serve your citizens in a better and effective way.

We design and develop campaigns, projects and detail project reports building and contribute in the dream project of your country. Our team guaranteed accuracy, excellence and smart delivery.

Our team provide you innovation and research services to detect community problems and design new policies or systems to tackle it. Moreover, we offer research reports on any required topic for the benefit of the country.

We provide Technology and IT services to make your administrations work in a digital and smart way. We design and develop any technological project according to your requirements. We provide an outsource team working exclusively for you.

We work to find resources and investment to fund your project. Project must be PPP Model or BOT or BOOT. 

We negotiate with your partners for G2G project, PPP Model Project, BOT, BOOT or any Knowledge or technology transfer project.

<strong>Zero to End </strong>
<strong>Zero to End </strong>
<strong>Zero to End </strong>
<strong>Zero to End </strong>
<strong>Zero to End </strong>
<strong>Zero to End </strong>

Zero to End

In Zero to End we provide you all venture development services from the beginning to the completion of your project. We will work in a digital and efficient way finding all your partners and service providers in an interactive platform with multiple tools. That way you will save time, budget and hassle. We want you fulfill your commitment with the community and handover the project on time and with excellent quality.

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Ventures Fund

Ventures Fund connects the PPP model, BOT, BOOT projects with investors, financial institutions and other possible partners. We make it easy to get funding to build your national projects.

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Present your project, and we will help you find investments through our platform.

Co-Circle Sustainable community development program

If your Government wants to promote community development to foster sustainable socio-economic growth at the local level, KAii Group is by your side to co-create. Co-Circle is a community development program that is designed according to the particular needs of your community. The goal is to empower local communities and neighborhoods to be active agents of their own change. Together we can achieve a sustainable development at local level.

Co-circle Will be available for you

Ventures Lab

Do you want to design and implement an entrepreneurship program in a community level? KAii Ventures Lab supports you to build and grow your entrepreneurship program.


What makes us unique?

We co-create exclusive programs according to the needs of your community

Our entrepreneurship programs provide a complete knowledge, working through all phases of venture development

We offer programs with innovative methodology, interactive tools and proven frameworks

We provide you easy monitoring so you can see in real time the work being done at the Ventures Lab

We have a dedicated team who will take full responsibility on managing the program so you just have to receive the results

√  You will get results in data so you can analyze the impact of the Ventures Lab program

Innovation Programs for Public Administrations

We design open innovation and intrapreneurship programs to make public employees think like entrepreneurs and provide strategies to run their office in efficient way.

KAii Era

We support Goverments and public administrations to work with an innovative perspective, so they can work with more efficiency and create a higher impact for their citizens.


We provide research services on any country issue and deliver accurate and data-driven results so that the administration can implement a more efficient work for the benefit of the community.


We provide consulting services for those administrations that want to develop new methods, platforms, systems or devices, or they want to create significant changes to existing ones.

Innovation center

We co-create innovation centers where scientists and experts can innovate products, services, systems, tools, platforms or devises which can solve existing problems and open a door for massive possibilities.

KAii Tech

Do you need to develop some technological project? Do you already have some technical staff but you need more? Don't worry, KAii Tech is here as your technology partner. You focus to serve your community, and we will look after the technical part. We have a dedicated team of developers and designers who will work in your project and offer you consulting service for any technical requirement. Outsourcing with us will make your project done with greater efficiency and lower cost. Contact us and share your concept, we will make your technological project true.

Transparency and Sustainability is our priority

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Transparency and Sustainability is our priority Transparency and Sustainability is our priority Transparency and Sustainability is our priority Transparency and Sustainability is our priority