Ventures Lab

We believe entrepreneurship is boundaryless, that’s why you can join our Ventures Lab from any part of the world.  Our focus is you, so our programs have been designed thinking on your achievements. We believe in you and your great potential to create a positive impact. We want you develop your dream venture successfully. And we are going to be there to assure it.

You will identify your passions, execute a design thinking and convert your multiple thoughts into one validate idea.

1 month program.

You will develop a prototype which will become a start-up. You will design your business model and plan.

3 months program.

You will scale up your startup. You will make your pitch deck and connect with customers, partners and investors.

8 months program.

Your  scaling start-up will become a successful venture with sustainable growth and innovative ecosystem.

1 year program.

How Ventures Lab benefits you?

Our Lab offers you a full program of venture development at one place which includes all the four phases to make your venture impactful and successful.

Expert Mentors

You will be guided by mentors from different fields and industries to unlock your potential.

Innovation Based Methodology

You will receive proven frameworks, interactive tools, and entrepreneurship resources.

Global ecosystem

You will have access to our global ecosystem and you will get benefits from KAii community membership.

KAii Tech

Are you a non-tech founder? Don’t worry, KAii Tech is here as your technology partner.  We develop software, applications, websites and digital systems. You focus on growth your startup or enterprise, and we will look after your technical part. Contact us and share your concept, we will make your dream project true.




We created superior quality designs to transmit your essence digitally.


We customize code as per you needs to make everything you imagine true.

Testing and security

We test your project before launching it, and we assure & consult of its security.

Outsourcing and consultants

We will work in your project and offer you consulting service for any technical requirement.

Dedicated team

We offer a dedicated and expertise team working exclusively for you.


We  consult you for infrastructure of  your digital project. 


Are you looking for a free or economic co-working space nearby you? KOXspace makes your search easier. Through our platform you will be connected with thousands of people and companies that offer spaces at unbeatable prices.


Get a space for your startup

We offer you the easiest way to find a free or economic space to work.

Share a space for other entrepreneurs

If you have available spaces to share, you can announce it through our platform.

KOXspace Will be available for you in

International Summits​

KAii Group organizes international summits with the aim to connect entrepreneurs and startups with investment and governments. Our last summit took place in Nepal and it was an historical festival of entrepreneurship with more than 3000 visitors form all over the world.

Global ecosystem

We have a global ecosystem of investors, financial institutions, mentors, consultants, policy-makers and media.

Physical and Virtual platform

Our summits are equipped with the latest technology to ensure an interactive live participation from anywhere in the world.

Government partnership

Our summits are supported by the Government of the country where they take place. We guarantee a full understanding of the policies to entrepreneurs.


This year The Impact Investment Meet have been cancel due to COVID-19. Soon more information

Get Funding

If you are an entrepreneur, a founder or a project’s stakeholder who want to leave a mark on the world, Ventures Fund connect you with the biggest community of investors. We want you find the best sources of capital to suit you. Submit your project now, and our experts will contact you with in 24 hours.

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Co-circle Sustainable community development program

Do you want to change the reality of your community by solving existing problems and promoting sustainable socio-economic development? The co-circle program offers you everything you need to lead this change.

  • We identify the problem
  • We identify the problem from the root cause. We systematically solve underlying problems rather than treating ad hoc symptoms or seeking temporary solutions.
  • We analyze the community
  • We analyze the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities existing in the community, define the existing resources, draw up a plan and design a strategy.
  • For We Synergize, guide and support you in the implementation
  • We guide you step by step and implement the project we have designed. We offer you mentoring, tools and services. We connect you with multiple resources to achieve your goals.

Join our community, together we will grow your dream venture

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