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On 2018, we initiated the movement `Together for better world´. We are a group of individuals, organizations and ventures who aims to achieve a world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivity. We defend the socio-economic development as the basis for change. We stand up for the human rights, the equality of opportunities, the reduction of the gap between the developed countries and the underdeveloped ones, and the care of the environment. We firmly believe that if we come together, we can achieve a better world for all.

To ensure sustainable socio-economic development, we have created the

Better World Goals 2040

Our Campaign

Within our movement `Together for better world´ we have launched different campaigns to
raise awareness and to seek solutions for the problems that people and planet faces today.

Our Campaign
Sustainability Sustainability


This is how we understand sustainability. At the base of our pyramid there is the planet because we depend on of it for our survival. Then there are the people since it is in our hands to generate positives changes. At the third level there are the creators of opportunities (such as entrepreneurs, innovators, organizations, investors...), and those who benefit from the creations (employees, consumers ...). Then there is the environmental action and the social action, always raised from an empowerment perspective. We do not give fish, but we teach how to fishing, so we create communities full of self-determination and autonomy. At the next level is when we can start talking about sustainable socio-economic development and only through it, we will be able to reach the top of the pyramid. In this way a better world is possible.



We offer solutions through our platforms, services, tools, labs, programs and services for:


The word `Mantra´ means `tools of the mind´ or `the language of human spirituality´. When we repeat the mantras over a period of time, causes a change in our consciousness. That way, we start attracting different results in our lives. Our mantras are

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Shape 02
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Better world community

We believe each of us can contribute in creating a better world. Sometimes it is not necessary to perform great actions, but the sum of our daily attitudes can make a difference. Consume responsibly, lead ventures that are committed to sustainable development, produce fair trade products, recycle, not harm the environment, help others, are just some examples of small daily contributions. Maybe your single actions do not create a significant impact, but have you wondered what would happen if we join the synergies of thousands and thousands of people? Together we can leave a relevant mark in the world. Together we can create a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivity. Join our Better World Community and share your daily contributions.