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KAii Tours

KAii Tours is a travel agency specialized in Nepal. It promotes the sustainable and responsible tourism, assuring your security all time. It designs personalized trips that allow you to live authentic and unforgettable experiences.

Although now we stay at home, the world awaits us.

Some of our experiences

We share with you some trips proposals which our travelers like the most.

Spiritual Experience

Meet the best Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas in Nepal, meditate with the monks, connect with your inner-self.

Rural Experience

Discover the most picturesque villages in Nepal, live with their inhabitants and collaborate in agricultural cultivation.

Deluxe Experience

Discover Nepal from maximum comfort and with a selection of deluxe experiences like flying by plane between the Himalayas.

Solidarity experience

Get to know Nepal in a unique and enriching way, combining tourism with solidarity. Visit the work we do at the Si Asha Foundation.

Customize your tour

We customize your trip according to your needs and demands so that you live a unique experience.

Namuna Home Stay

If you want to live with the local population of Nepal and contribute to the cultivation of a fruit garden, Namuna Home Stay is waiting for you. You will live in the nucleus of a friendly Nepali family, enjoying the nature, peace and silence. Namuna is a company that connects the agro- tourism, the organic farming and the farmers community to promote the environment and responsible consume. Namuna welcomes you.