Our Global Reach

KAii Group is dedicated to solve the challenges of the world in a local and global way. We are based in Ireland and Nepal, the points from where we draw global connections with all our stakeholders and partners. We believe we all are interconnected, that is why we have build a global ecosystem with the aim to promote a sustainable socio-economic development from the communities and create a worldwide impact. Discover our footprints.

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You can be a member of the Better World Community if you care the people & planet. If you are or want to be a responsible consumer. If you produce with ethics. If you love and care the environment. If you serve the needy ones. If you want to create a change in your community. If you invest your money to create positive impact along with profit. If you innovate to solve existing problems or to open doors for future. If your corporation or institution contributes for better world. If your country makes sustainable socioeconomic development and environment friendly policies and your Government takes responsible action on it. If you want to learn, earn and grow. If you want to contribute for a better world. You all can be part of our tribe. We welcome you to the Better World Community.