Climate change is the major global issue that is threatening the substantial existence of our Earth. As per NASA’s latest report the average global temperature in 2019 was 1.8 degrees warmer than that of the 20th century average, which is in raise with increasing human population and the expansion of “greenhouse effect”, that is trapping the heat radiation from Earth toward space.

Likewise, the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is projected to have 411 parts per million (ppm) throughout 2019, where 11% of the emission is caused by humans due to the deforestation, and other is because of the immense use of vehicles and industrial pollution. Furthermore, these issue of increased earth temperature and the emission of CO2 is very harmful and dangerous for an entire living being, as it affects each continent and disrupts the national economies of each country, around the world.

Further, according to the UN’s appeal, we all must be active and take urgent actions to tackle these issues of climate change, as the effect of it is beyond just some changes in the weather or rise of the sea-level, but it directly and indirectly affects the livelihood of each individual living in every part of this world, developed or under-developed, all nations are and will be the victims of climate change in a vulnerable manner, if the right actions are not taken immediately.

And, considering these vulnerabilities, KAii Group has taken initiation to address the issues of climate change, with its “Better World Goal 2040”. Along with many agendas, working for a sustainable world environment is KAii’s prime objective; KAii Group believes to develop and support the innovation that resolves solutions for a better world, which opens the door for economic growth and social well-being, but in a responsible manner with sustainable environmental policies.

KAii aims to invest itself on the projects that promote energy efficiency and energy conservation, highlighting the importance of renewable energy for a better world. The prime focus of KAii Group is on tree plantation and its protection and the dream is to preserve the biodiversity and develop an eco-friendly, smart cities that follow climate risk-management policies in a communal manner, with a collaboration of private parties along with Government bodies.

Other than that, KAii understands, the issue of individual emission and individual effort can be deemed with negligence while comparing it with global anthropogenic, however, with Better World Goal 2040, the vision is to make things simple and collaborative with step by step efforts to bring everyone together for a better and sustainable world. The concept is to set the sense of responsibility and stop blame-game, and start the actions for real, to facilitate climate change adaptation policies.

Moreover, as the first initiation of KAii to build eco-friendly, smart city starts from Nepal, we have understood the importance and the crucially to protect mountains and rivers, and we have acknowledged how the strong greenhouse the effect has negatively contributed to the country, with the increased issue of glaciers melting, which has a direct impact on the nation and its glory of having mountains like Mount. Everest.

Similarly, for many developing countries again like Nepal, agriculture is the prime source of livelihood but with increased atmospheric CO2 level, the pattern of climate has changed, which has subsequently impacted the growth sequence of crops and their development, hindering the natural phenomenon of the plantation.

Therefore, KAii Group is willing to address these issues in front our investors and build a climate model for each of our projects that in terms of energy and natural resources, it “consume less, waste less and provide more in return”. And, with the Better World Goal 2040 and the project like eco-smart city, KAii focuses to choose greener infrastructure and sustainable supplies, along with development of a climate action plan, where a proper measurement is taken on reducing CO2 emission for the benefits of all the stakeholders in respect to the business, humanity, and planetary perseverance.

Lastly, KAii welcomes every responsible global citizen who wants to invest and contribute to the development of a better world that is sustainably viable for a future generation. Acknowledging that climate change is an incremental phenomenon that contributes to making this world worsen, it’s on you and I, on us as a community to decide where we want to stand and how we want to ensure our growth, under what cost?

It’s time for us to think about our mother nature and about our future, it’s time for us to invest in something that truly makes the world better for living by marginalizing the potentially disastrous consequences on time, for “Green Planet and Embellished Ecosystem”- “together for the better world”!



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