Aina Barca, Social entrepreneur, Author and Activist who motivated to co-found KAi initiative Group

Aina Barca is a social entrepreneur, writer, activist and professor. She is co-founder of KAii Group. Moreover, she is founder of the Si Asha Foundation, Familia de Hetauda NGO (Spain), and Asha Special School (Nepal).
She was born in Barcelona and grew up in the nucleus of a small family. From an early age she showed her vocation to help the most disadvantaged. She also stood out since the childhood for her great imagination and writing capacity, which were recognized in various awards.

She graduated in Social Work from the University of Barcelona in 2013, and she undertook part of her studies in the Metropolitan University College of Copenhagen. Later, she obtained a Master’s degree in Direction and Management of nonprofit organizations from the Open University of Catalonia. Her work experience in Barcelona was always linked to the world of disabilities; and this way she connects with her passion to dedicate herself to the people with disabilities.

She visited Nepal for the first time in 2012. During her trip she met some children with intellectual disabilities; seeing the precarious conditions in which those children were living, was a turning point in her life. Since the age of 21th she has been fully dedicated to the noble cause of the children with disabilities. She built educational centers and physiotherapy services in Nepal for children with intellectual disabilities. She created future opportunities for the disabled youth through the socio-labor inclusion. Moreover, she also stands up for women, creating empowerment programs and employment opportunities for them. Aina Barca is known for her social activism, and for many her courage and determination are truly an inspiration.

Going back to her passion for writing, in 2018 she published her book `Asha o la fuerza de la esperanza: el sueño de levanter una escuela en Nepal´, where she shows the path she has taken to establish the first special educational school in the south of Nepal. The great reception that the book has had in Spain is, without doubt, a reflection of her honesty by sharing her story as well as of her great commitment on leading the movement for the inclusion.

Another of her passions is the education. For this reason, she fully evoked herself to direct the postgraduate degree in “Creation of social projects and NGO management” at the University of Barcelona, where she can share her knowledge of social entrepreneurship with students. In this academic background, she starts working with Kailash and, sharing the same values of peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivity, she decided to join KAii Group as a Co-Founder. Her great capacity for implementation and management have been essential for KAii Group.

She share something more here with us. 

What is something have to deal with that you want to fix?

First of all, from Si Asha Foundation and Familia de Hetauda NGO we work for the intellectual disabled children and youth in Nepal.  We provide them special education, physiotherapy treatment and socio-labor inclusion. We assist the people with intellectual disabilities during the different phases of their life ensuring they have the basic needs met, they can learn and develop their skills. Furthermore, we work to ensure their protection and to increase their acceptance within society. We aspire to achieve an inclusive and welcoming world where all the people with intellectual disabilities have access to the same rights and opportunities as the rest of the citizens, and can live with full respect and dignity.

In second hand, I codirect the postgraduate course Creation of social projects and NGO management from the University of Barcelona. The aim of this postgraduate is to empower young social entrepreneurs to develop their projects successfully and create a positive impact in the world.

What’s your background? 

I used to describe myself as a social entrepreneur although I don’t like much to fix labels. I studied social work at the University of Barcelona and I own a master in NGOs management from the Open University of Catalonia. I am director and professor of the postgraduate course `Creation of social projects and NGO management´ at the University of Barcelona. I am author of the book “Asha o la fuerza de la esperanza” published in Spain in 2019.  Moreover, I consider myself a social activist for the rights of the people with intellectual disability. On that regard, I established the Asha Special School in Nepal on 2013. Moreover, I am founder of Si Asha Foundation and Familia de Hetauda NGO.

What are your credentials/experience, for leading in your sector today?

On 2012, I registered Familia de Hetauda NGO in Spain. One year later, we built the first special education school in the south of Nepal, Hetauda. The project start growing and few years latter we also open a physiotherapy center and a vocational training. Nowadays we are providing education to 44 children and youth with intellectual disability. On 2019, we register the Si Asha Foundation with the aim to expand the Asha School to all the districts of Nepal. So, as you see during last 8 years I have been completely dedicated to the social work for the cause of the people with intellectual disability.

What is your motivation to co-found KAi initiative Group?

I believe that a better world is not only possible, but also very necessary. I think we need to move towards a more humane world, not only from the social sector but also from the business sector. Kailash Neupane, the founder of the KAii Group, is a great visionary and it is an honor for me to be part of the movement he has started. I deeply believe in the values on which KAii Group is sustained, and I am committed to join my hands to create a better world.

What do you like about KAii Group?

KAii Group is an unlimited world of opportunities for all. I like the great dimension that this initiative supports, its inclusive part and its will to achieve a better world through the Better World Goals. I deeply support the purpose and mission of the KAii Group. And although I like all the initiatives promoted by the Group, what I like the most is its willingness to create social impact in everything that is done. KAii Group is a company with a soul, and I think that is the most important thing.

What are your four main priorities in life?  

My life purpose, my family, health and wealth. I believe that is all what I need to live a happy life.

Share your values, purpose and vision in life

My life purpose is to work for the people with intellectual disabilities ensuring their access to education, treatment, and promoting their socio- labor inclusion. I wish all the people with intellectual disability can live with dignity in an inclusive world.

My personal values are: passion, unconditionally, unity, continuous learning and growth, spirituality, abundance and expansion.

What motivates you to follow your values, purpose and what you suggest to entrepreneurs?

 I think values are essential. In life, we have two options: to describe our values or to act without knowing what our values are. When we describe our values, we become the captain of our own ship. For this reason, I would tell all entrepreneurs to dedicate enough time to know themselves and to define their values.

Your top 3 favorite Books and movies

 My 3 favorites books are: The Alchemist, The little prince and Americana.

And my favorite movie is fried green tomatoes, I love the power of women on that movie.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

The truth is that I don’t usually make a distinction between work and family life, but both are integrated. I love to work. And my whole family is involved in my life purpose.

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