Kailash Neupane

He is a Venture Developer, serial entrepreneur and innovation expert. He is the founder CEO of KAii Group. Founder of Si Asha Foundation together with Aina. His purpose of life is to serve people & planet by contributing to create a better world.

Story of Kailash Neupane Story of Kailash Neupane

Story of Kailash Neupane

He is a Venture Developer, serial entrepreneur and innovation expert. He is the founder CEO of KAii Group. Born and grew up in Nepal, he showed since the very early childhood a great passion in serving the people and community. But despite his passions, from the age of three he was a child of the war, suffering the armed conflict that was going on in his country. Undoubtedly, the hardships of these moments made him develop a great capacity of adaptation and survival. Moreover, they led him to join politics since the age of 12th with the pure aim to serve; and he rapidly climb positions and developed his great leadership capacity

Politics was always combined with his entrepreneurial side. At the age of 11th, Kailash initiated the Children Welfare Cooperative from where he and his team collected savings and developed different social projects. When he was 15th he started his own venture, partnering with other people, in the trading, music and academic field. Three years later, he already had 5 different enterprises in the coaching, event management, media and movie industry. His track record from the early age leaves no doubt of his entrepreneurial spirit.

During his journey into adulthood, all the companies he had previously ran closed. He also decided to leave the politics, with the dream to change the world through innovation and entrepreneurship. But despite all the stumbles, through the hard moments he wins immense skills such as strategy, creative concept design, deal-making, human management, corporate sustainability, finances and entrepreneurship. And most importantly, they led him to define his life purpose at the early age of 18th.

From then on, Kailash focused on Venture Development from where he contributes to sustainable socio-economic development with the aim to create a better world. During the following years he tirelessly evoked himself to support entrepreneurs through his company Aava Group. He led the organization of The Startup Mella Summit, becoming a benchmark in the world of entrepreneurship in Nepal. He started various social movements such as Children in trouble in Nepal mobilizing thousands of volunteers. Moreover, he leads different initiatives of Venture Development in Europe. But beyond all this, Kailash is well known for being a visionary.

Since 2018, he has been fully dedicated creating the concept of KAii Group from Bulgaria. Soon after, he registered KAii Group in Nepal and later he incorporated the Group in Ireland, making this second country the central point to draw global connections. KAii Group is a reflection of Kailash's great capacity for innovation and creation. KAii Group is an unlimited world that unites and connects all people who are committed to sustainable socio-economic development. In just a few months Kailash managed to lead a movement for the people and planet with thousands of change-makers; always dedicate on creating a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivity. But now this is no longer just his story, but also yours.