For service provider & producers

Fair Trade


We stand for the fair trade, as an initiative to create innovative ways of commerce through which we can achieve a sustainable development. We believe that trade must promote economic, social and environmental sustainability, preserve cultures and traditions, and respect basic rights. That’s why if you are producing sustainable and fair products, we want to support you to have global visibility and connect your fair products with more consumers.


Venture Development

KAii Group offers you Venture Development services to build strategies and achieve your goals.

We have a long history in consulting companies for their growth globally. We assured you that our services will leads towards growth you never imagine.

We design and develop strategies to make your products or services sustainable and fair. Our team guaranteed accuracy and excellence in their work

We provide management services in all the areas you need: partners, market, projects, financial, network and more.

Our team provide you innovation and research services to create new products or services or to modify the existing ones.

We provide Technology and IT services for your company growth. We design, develop and created your outsource team to provide you the best technological results.

We design, launch or promote your brand. We created marketing strategies to ensure the massive reach of your products and services.

Fair Trade E-commerce

In our Fair Trade E-commerce platform we promote textile products, food, handicraft, literature, art and more. All the products are fair, eco-friendly, natural and ayurvedic. As an aware producer, you can upload your products to our platform and expand your market by finding responsible consumers worldwide. You can already preregister your products before the launching date and get special offers.

Fair Trade E-Commerce Platform

KAii Tech

Are you a fair-trade producer and you want to sell your products through an ecommerce website? Or you are a service provider and you want to connect with more clients through an impressive web page? Don't worry, KAii Tech is here as your technology partner. We develop web sites, software, applications and digital systems. We support the producers and service providers which contribute in fair commerce and sustainable development by offering special discounts and installation payment facilities. We want you to stay focused on creating a more ethical commerce, while we take care of your technical part. Contact us and share your concept, we will make your project true.

KAii Tours

KAii Tours is a travel agency specialized in Nepal. It promotes the sustainable and responsible tourism, assuring your security all time. It designs personalized tours that allow you to live authentic and unforgettable experiences.

For Tours Agencies

If you are a travel agency and have to organize a trip to Nepal, KAii Tours can be your best partner. We guarantee to provide safety and to create unique experiences for your clients as well as to reduce the cost for you.

Personalized trips for you

If you want to explore Nepal to find ways to developed fair commerce products or if you want to organize a corporate trip with your team, KAii Tour is here for you. We design custom tours in Nepal to meet your needs.