Welcome to KAii Eco Project

<h2>Welcome to KAii Eco Project </h2>
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KAii Eco Project

KAii Eco Project aim to develop clean & green renewable energy project, Eco digital city and environmental friendly projects in developing and emerging countries. Now our first project located in Nepal.

KAii Eco Project Phase 1

KAii Eco project phase 1 aim to work in generation of 200MW hydropower energy and 100 MW solar power energy. Along with this we will build one Eco digital city, one eco-friendly construction materials production center, and 50 charging station

Interested to invest in this project

Grab great opportunities to invest with high and secure return of the investment.

Apply for Partnership

Present your company or service which can be useful for project, and we will select feasible partner. 



Billion Euro - Total size of investment


Million- Capital Raising Goal


Billion - Estimated Return in 20 years

Features of
KAii Eco Project

High and Secure ROI

We offer high and secure returns of investment. 87% of our investment is Zero risky and 13% of investment is highly secured. The dividend will be paid annually when we start to operate the project.


New solutions and Innovation

Teams of young entrepreneurs and highly experienced management team working together with KAii Ventures experts to converts real problems and possibilities into innovative solutions.

Leader in the sector

Our project will be the first private sector Eco Digital city in Nepal. Up to today we will be the first private project generate 200MW solar projects. We will be leading power generation project after completion of second phase.


Our project will help in reduction of global warming and climate change. This project will create thousands of direct opportunities and millions of indirectly. This will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.