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Venture Development

KAii Group offers you a full package of Venture Development services to build strategies and achieve your goals.

We have a long history in consulting companies for their growth globally. We assured you that our services will leads towards growth you never imagine. 

We design and develop projects, campaigns, brands, roadmaps of ventures and detail project reports. Our team guaranteed accuracy, excellence and smart delivery. 

We provide management services in all the areas you need: team, partners, projects, financial, investment, risk, network and more.


Our team provide you innovation and research services to create new concepts, systems or devices and implement them for your benefit.


We provide Technology and IT services for your company growth. We design, develop and created your outsource team to provide you the best technological results.

We work to find resources and investment to fund your project. In other side, if your company one to diversify the investment, we also help you for your fund management.

We design, launch or promote your brand. We created marketing strategies to ensure the massive reach of your company.

We provide deal-making and lobbying services to close the deals as your wish and make your company or institutions grow.

We provide Expansion and initiation services in all the location you need. Our Experts and partners will welcome you in their country to support you.

Ventures Fund​

Ventures Fund connects the investors with impactful projects developed by companies and institutions. Whether your company is looking for fund to launch a new project, or for investment opportunities to expand, Ventures Fund is for you.

Submit your project

Present your project, and we will help you find investments through our platform.

Find a project

Find great opportunities to invest with high and secure return of the investment.

Ventures Lab​

Are you thinking of creating a venture lab in your workplace? Did you know that training entrepreneurs in the field of your company or institution has great benefits? KAii Ventures Lab supports you to build and grow your entrepreneurship program.

What makes us unique?

We co-create exclusive programs according to the needs of your company or institution

Our entrepreneurship programs provide a complete knowledge, working through all phases of venture development

We offer programs with innovative methodology, interactive tools and proven frameworks

We provide you easy monitoring so you can see in real time the work being done at the Ventures Lab

We have a dedicated team who will take full responsibility on managing the program so you just have to receive the results

√  You will get results in data so you can analyze the impact of the Ventures Lab program

How your company or institution
get benefits from KAii Ventures Lab

New talents

Through KAii Ventures Lab you are training talented young people. Some of these may become future employees of your company or institution. Having a team with an innovative mind is the corporate future.


New solutions

Teams of young entrepreneurs can work together with KAii Ventures experts around real problems that your company or institution is facing. That way, they will generate innovative solutions which you can implement.

Leader in the sector

Keep on leading in your sector through the Ventures Lab entrepreneurship program which will help your institution to find innovative ventures in the same sector or interrelated ones.


We provide consulting services for those companies or institutions that want to develop new methods, platforms, systems or devices, or they want to create significant changes to existing ones.

KAii Era

We support companies and institutions to work with an innovative perspective, so they can work with more efficiency and create a higher impact.

Corporatize Innovation Programs

We design open innovation and intrapreneurship programs to make employees think like entrepreneurs and provide strategies to drive the company beyond its limits.

Awareness for innovation

We provide innovation programs in collaboration with institutions and universities to enhance the creative thinking and develop the innovation potential of the youth.

Workshops for trainers

We offer training of trainers through innovation workshops, so they can train young entrepreneurs through our innovate-base methodology.

KAii Tech

Are you worried about how to develop your technological project? Do you already have some technical staff but you need more? Don't worry, KAii Tech is here as your technology partner. You focus to run your company or institution, and we will look after your technical part. We have a dedicated team of developers and designers who will work in your project and offer you consulting service for any technical requirement. Outsourcing with us will make your project done with greater efficiency and lower cost. Contact us and share your concept, we will make your technological project true. ​

KAii Tours

If you want to do a business trip or if you want to organize a work or leisure trip with your company team, KAii Tour is here for you. Our specialty is Nepal, a country with rich natural resources and great economic potential yet to be discovered. We design personalize trips to meet the needs of your company and create an unforgettable experience for you and your team. We prioritize the safety throughout the trip.


Do you have extra space in your office and want to get an economic return from it? Or do you want to help some startup by sharing a free space? Through our platform you will be connected with thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers who are searching for co-spaces. Start announcing your space in KOXspace.

KOXspace is available