• Become a volunteer

    Your participation as a volunteer is very important to carry out training programs in Nepal, as well as to organize awareness events in developed countries and to promote the labor of our Foundation globally.

Si Asha Foundation

Si Asha Foundation is the social action of KAii Group. The purpose of Foundation is to create hope for people with disabilities, women and marginalized groups, through education, treatment, empowerment, and socio- labor inclusion, so they can live with dignity.

  • Be a sponsor

    Your regular collaboration allows us to educate children with intellectual disabilities, cover their basic needs and provide them health care and physiotherapy treatment.

  • Donate

    Your help enables us to empower more women from developing and underdeveloped countries by offering them training and opportunities for decent employment.

You have the power to create hope

Co-circle Sustainable community development program

Do you want to change the reality of your community by solving existing problems and promoting sustainable socio-economic development? The co-circle program offers you everything you need to lead this change.

  • We identify the problem
  • We identify the problem from the root cause. We systematically solve underlying problems rather than treating ad hoc symptoms or seeking temporary solutions.
  • We analyze the community
  • We analyze the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities existing in the community, define the existing resources, draw up a plan and design a strategy.
  • For We Synergize, guide and support you in the implementation
  • We guide you step by step and implement the project we have designed. We offer you mentoring, tools and services. We connect you with multiple resources to achieve your goals.

KAii Infinity

We deeply believe that a better world is possible. That’s why our goal is to serve the people and planet through infinite solutions. Our work is aligned with the SDGS. However, we have created our own goals, The Better World Goals 2040, to ensure a sustainable socio-economic development.

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