How Ventures Fund works?


Venture Development​

KAii Group offers you a full package of Venture Development services to build strategies and achieve your goals.

  • For your companies
  • Our Venture Development services help your companies to solve problems, to create greater efficiency, to make deals, to grow and to expand.
  • For guidance in your investments
  • Our Venture Development services advise and guide you to invest in projects with a high and secure return of the investment.
  • For the projects in which you invest
  • Our Venture Development services can develop and monitor those projects in which you have invested to ensure their success.

Energy and Infrastructure Holdings

If you are looking for energy or infrastructure projects to invest, we make it easy for you. The Energy and Infrastructure Holdings is a KAii Group’s company dedicated to projects of energy and all kind of infrastructures in Nepal. But, why to invest in Nepal? Maybe you are asking yourself. Here we explain you:

  • Great potential in natural resources
  • In Nepal there are so many rivers and natural resources which makes this country have a big potential in energy projects.

  • High and secure ROI
  • We assure you a high and secure return of the investment. Moreover, our local team of experts will supervise the project to assure the best result.

  • Everything is yet to be done
  • Roads, transportation, electricity or water projects… everything is yet to be done. It means that the project where you invest will be pioneer and successful. 

International Summits

KAii Group organizes international summits with the aim to connect investors with impactful and profit-making projects, startups and ventures.

  • Global ecosystem
  • We have a global ecosystem of investors, viable projects, companies, ventures, partners, startups, policy-makers and media.

  • Physical and Virtual platform
  • Our summits are equipped with the latest technology to ensure an interactive live participation from anywhere in the world.

  • Government partnership
  • Our summits are supported by the Government of the country where they take place. We guarantee a full understanding of the local policies to investors.


  • This year The Impact Investment Meet have been cancel due to covid-19. Further updates will come soon.

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