INVEST IN AFRICA by KAi initative

KAi initiative Launched project INVEST IN AFRICA . KAii is apealing financial institutions,Bank, private investors , investment companies , foundation to invest in Venture of Africa.  KAi initiative is faciliating as Vanture Development partner to invest or develop project or venture in Africa.

Founder & CEO Kailash  said that “Now its time of contribution together for sustainable socio economic development through Venture Development, Entrpreneurship, Innovation & Investment in Developing & Under developed part of world.”

Interested institutions, investors or organizations can write in for collaboration & more information of projects.

Be Investment Ambassador of KAii’s project INVEST IN NEPAL : Join Hands Together for Impact

Be Investment Ambassador of KAii’s project INVEST IN NEPAL : Join Hands Together for Impact

KAi initiative request all areas Personalities to contribute in project  by joining as Ambassador of Project  INVEST IN NEPAL.

By 30 November 2018, KAii will publish nominated Ambassador of the project globally.

INVEST IN NEPAL project is promoting Nepal’s project , opportunities and supporting to start in Nepal by acting as Venture Development Partner.

Interested Personality can email us at .


KAii Launched new Project INVEST IN NEPAL

KAi initiative along with Country partner AAVA GROUP launched new project INVEST IN NEPAL. 

 INVEST IN NEPAL project will promote the project, possibilities of Nepal with the global market, and IIN support, promote Global Investors & institutions to carry investment in Nepal as Venture Development Partner.


KAi initiative will publish the schedule of campaign INVEST IN NEPAL for Promotion of Projects, Possibilities, opportunities in Nepal.

Founder & CEO of KAi initiative Kailash Neupane appeal all investment companies, financial institutions, and organizations to participate in this campaign INVEST IN NEPAL.

He makes assured that Now is the best time to invest in Nepal because of political stability and virgin market opportunities, as well as He, encouraged to invest partnering with  KAi initiative and Country Partner AAVA GROUP  as Venture Development Partner.