Be Entrepreneur, Opportunities to be an entrepreneur in Ecological Area

KAi initiative (KAii) is the center for Venture Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. We work together with Impactful thoughts, Ideas, Innovation, Projects, companies, organizations, and institutions.

KAii Group is a Group of companies & Institutions with the purpose of sustainable socio-economic development through Venture Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation for contribution to make a better world with Peace, Prosperity & Positivism.

KAii Impact, KAii Trading & E-commerce, KAii Venture Development, KAii Eco collaboratively looking for entrepreneurial-minded eco lover people to start Eco-friendly product promoting venture.

We are looking people who are enthusiastic and dedicated to contributing for sustainable socio-economic development by protecting the environment, by promoting the ecological product and by empowering economically grass rooted people in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Responsibilities of Executive Team will be

Co-founder  & CEO

Co-founder, VP Operation & Finance

Co-Founder, VP Communication & Business Development

Co-Founder,  VP  Digital & Technology Development


5 to 1o % Equity

Penny Investment or Security Deposit only.

Salary according to performance & Revenue

One of the owner & Co-founder of  Brand

Total Investment Plan for 2 years: 120 thousand Euro. 90% portion of Investment will be managed by  KAi initiative or its wing.

Interested Entrepreneur write email at .